It’s worth making the effort

Sometimes I don’t feel like getting dressed up.  It is not like I hang around in my PJs all day.  But I often schlep around in a tracksuit and mostly without makeup.  This is one of the reasons why I came up with the idea to buy more dresses and skirts this year, to channel my femininity a bit more.

There are times when you have experiences that wind you, and so you pause.  At these sort of times the last thing I feel like doing is dolling myself up.  I want to hide in these moments and contemplate.

Then you reach a point when you are ready to embrace change, move forward and gain focus.  Perhaps you might feel like making the effort.

You go to the trouble with your makeup routine and you put on what I’m going to call my ‘Wandering Sheila’ outfit.


Well there was one day a few weeks ago when it was lovely and sunny and I was heading into Brighton so I wore my jeans that I bought in Budapest last November, with a colourful top which I bought here in England and finally added the new jacket that I got in Australia.



The best thing was that I felt good about myself and the effort that I had made.

Same deal when I went out for dinner with the Britalian a couple of weeks ago.  I even wore the red dress (the first purchase for this year’s skirt/dress project).

When life gives you lemons make lemonade.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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  • LYBliss

    I have an awesome pair of pants that feel like I’m wearing my PJ’s but on the outside they look quite dressy, they are my FAVOURITE things in my wardrobe. I’m probably going to cry when they finally give way

    • Ah that’s brilliant. It’s great when we have items of clothing that we literally wear until the end. I hope they last a while longer 🙂

  • LindyLouMac

    I could not agree more Cathy, it is very important, boosts your confidence as well if you feel good. 🙂

    • Thank you Linda 🙂

  • anne

    Love the top 🙂 I think it is important, not for anyone else but for you . I have always done it , especially if going out in the evening. I wear make up during the day too. Not always a full face but lipstick and mascara. Mind you , yesterday I did not get dressed until 3.30 pm ish .. I was doing lots of bit and bobs in the house, washing , ironing, bit of blogging , watching the First practice Formula 1 in Bahrain , and then at 4 pm was going to my friends ,, I don’t always do this , but why not. xx

    • Thank you Anne for sharing your opinion. There’s certainly nothing wrong with the occasional late to get ready day xx

  • Good for you, luv. 🙂 I sure understand. I’m very much like you, turning into a hermit when I have thinks to think over or work through. 🙂 Sundresses are my happy thing, my easy to throw on clothing item that always makes me feel pretty and sexy. 🙂

    • Thanks Krista 🙂 So pleased to read that sundresses are your happy thing 🙂

  • Janine

    Keep it up Cathy! This is great!!!! Find your style, whatever it might be and own it. i am a sporty chic girl but I take ages to dress in the morning all the same some days. Owning at least 10 pairs of high heel sneakers helps but doesn’t help if you know what I mean. It’s got to be the right pair. Also, fewer things but great pieces and things you LOVE to wear and have an attachment to are essential for me. I love clothes, but I especially love the things I have bought in Italy that have memories and energy and passions embedded forever. They have the power to transport me. 😉

    • Thank you Janine, you sporty chic girl 😉 I’m impressed by the 10 pair of high heel sneakers 🙂 I’d love to peek in your wardrobe and see what came from Italy – you’ve made me curious. xx