Don’t write a to-do list on a Sunday

I was amazed by how quickly last week disappeared.  I had great plans for the week which included some blog posts but nothing eventuated for one reason or another.

I now have a teenager in my house as my son – the mini Britalian (British & Italian – yes also Australian, but let’s not complicate things), is now 13.  I’ve been amazed/ overwhelmed since he first came into my life 13 years ago, that I have a son.  Deep down I always wished I’d have an older brother but I didn’t.  My Dad was the only male presence in my house so I was pretty chuffed when child no. 1 was a boy.

I’m going off topic here while I waffle on.  Basically I wanted to feel like I had achieved something by the end of the week so I set myself a to-do list with eight things on it for Sunday.  I knew I was in trouble by 3pm when I had only achieved one of those things.

I’ll let myself off the hook this time because it was Sunday and I did need to rest.  To be honest I think I will avoid making lists on Sundays and try to be more productive and perhaps even less ambitious on the other days.


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  • anne

    Are you crazy ?? You work all week , give yourself a rest , unless it is absolutely essential ,, 🙂
    I will soon have a teenage grandson ,well in a couple of years , now that is pretty scary …. 🙂 so you know my sons are way to old now LOL

    • No, I’m not crazy Anne. I just enjoy blogging 🙂 Thank you for your comment 🙂 I always appreciate your feedback.

      • anne

        I know you are not crazy Cathy 🙂 but to me some people never seem to stop , or is it because I do not work (as you know not by choice) ,, would love a paying job . take care x

        • No I don’t think it is because you do not work Anne. I totally agree with you that some people never stop. You take care too xx

    • Ken Powell

      Scary, Anne – nah? How about grandchildren comprising a Britalian teenager and a mini-sheila half a world away, with a cheery local toddler to keep us amused (and fit).

      • Glad to hear you are being kept amused and fit by the cheery local toddler 🙂

        • Ken Powell


  • Good for you letting yourself off the hook. 🙂 I’m learning, SLOWLY, to take breaks regularly, every day if possible, and it’s doing wonders for my well-being. 🙂 I’m SO happy you got a boy to make your heart happy. 🙂

    • Often though Krista it is hard to force ourselves to take breaks. But we must because of the good it does our well-being. Both of my kids make my heart happy Krista 🙂

  • Meghan Peterson Fenn

    My eldest is 13 in July. What did you do for his birthday? I’m struggling to think of something he’d like that still involves his parents!

    • My son didn’t want a big party for his birthday. Basically he had a few friends over for some food and then they slept here too. They watched TV and played Wii. His birthday present involves his father as we bought him a boat (it is a 2 person, so they have to sail together). I can understand your predicament Meghan – it doesn’t get easier as they get older. I’m sure you’ll find a solution.