Special fried rice and healthy food focus

Mostly it is good when my body tells me what it wants.  On Thursday morning I was a little worried though, as I had no appetite whatsoever.

I had a yoghurt for breakfast and set off for work with a few of my favourite staples in my bag – a carrot, some almonds and an apple.  But I needed to buy something for lunch.  I ended up gazing at the canteen menu for quite a while trying to decide what to have, realising that I wasn’t really that hungry.  I did make a decision to have a baguette with some ham and cheese and I think eating that little bit more helped me get back my appetite.

This helped inspire me to try something new for dinner – hence the special fried rice recipe, which I got from the BBC Good Food website.  It is a sort of paella meets fried rice.



I was partially attracted to the recipe as it used rice and my kids like rice (one in particular).  Plus I also liked the sound of it because of all the different coloured vegetables and other goodies (red pepper, peas, spring onions).  There were also prawns and chorizo plus I added a rasher of bacon as well.  It also called for the addition of the ingredient below – Chinese 5 Spice.


With the shopping trip on Thursday afternoon for the ingredients I didn’t have plus with my appetite restored I felt inspired to get organised and make my lunch for Friday on Thursday evening.  It was a salad bursting with colour (sweetcorn, lettuce, red pepper, celery, cucumber, tomato).  My morning snack consisted of berries as I had found some very juicy raspberries for sale in the supermarket which were absolutely delicious.  Recently I have really enjoyed eating the UK grown berries available in the supermarket.

What food has excited you this week?

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  • anne

    Hi Cathy , this is something we eat quite a few times a month .. Love it all. Yes I agree about the fruit in the UK , I buy it now too and enjoy it. I could not just have a yoghurt for breakfast , I normally have eggs which I love.

    I wouldn’t particularly worry if I did not have an appetite , maybe if it disappeared for a few days or so , but then it is still hot, (it is here) so that could be it.. x

    • Hi Anne. Thank you for commenting. How interesting that you have this quite a few times a month 🙂 Eggs for breakfast are really good 🙂 I wasn’t too worried about my lack of appetite. It did return (particularly this weekend) 🙂

      • anne

        That is good news :-)) Well this recipe is easy to do , great for one person , which is normally just me at home ,

  • Ken Powell

    Love home made fried rice. Also, love your focus on getting a good mix of colours – all good for you.

    • Absolutely true Dad 🙂

  • Janine

    Buon appetito Cathy….Spring has sprung in Melbourne and the asparagus is back in the market which I love… So it’s been spaghetti con gli asparagi for me this week! xx

    • Grazie Janine. Spaghetti with asparagus sounds just lovely Janine, I bet it was enjoyable xx