School shoe shopping

It was around this time last year when I had left the school shoe shopping to the last minute that I thought about writing a post about school shoes.  But I never got around to writing it.  So I thought I would do so this year as the experience has been slightly different.

When I purchased the mini Britalian’s shoes last year he wasn’t with me.

I just charged into Debenhams, picked some shoes his size and took them home.  Luckily they did fit.

Mini Sheila was with me and we had to do some ‘other’ shoe browsing beforehand.


But then we were faced with this choice.


The school uniform policy states that shoes must be smart, black and formal.

Do you think these ones count with the sparkly hearts?


A different shop and these seem to be mostly rather conservative.


If my memory serves correctly I am pretty sure that every year my shoes were basically the same.  Black, lace-up formal shoes.

Fairly similar to 2014’s choice for the mini Britalian, but perhaps not as pointy.  This year I managed to get him into a shoe shop where we queued for a while and I filled in time by picking up various shoes for winter that looked rather appealing for me.

With more staff starting soon after we entered the shop it wasn’t long before our number was called.  Then it was time for the shop assistant to whip out her iPad and pick the teenage option – key in my son’s age and insert the iPad into the foot measuring machine and hey presto his foot size was stated.

He tried on a few pairs but decided fairly quickly on a similar model to last year that I had picked off the shelf.


The Britalian and I were then ready for a coffee stop.


My growing teenager opted for a rather decadent morning tea.



In a separate shopping expedition I took Mini Sheila to choose her shoes.  She decided on something fairly similar to last year.  The verdict was yes they are comfortable.  For me that is one of the most important points.

I am slightly in denial myself as the new school year starts this week, as my kids are going into year 8 and year 9.  I look across the dinner table of an evening and marvel at the young people that they are becoming.


Are you ready for the new school year?

What are your shoe shopping experiences like?

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  • anne

    I remember shoe shopping for my sons .. but the designs were different then ..too long ago. Now they are shoe shopping for their children .. I know they only go to Clarks as children , 9, 7 and 5 .. I think my grandaughters are the worst to buy for. Far to picky .. 🙂

    • Ah what memories shoe shopping with children bring to mind Anne 🙂 Thank you for your comment 🙂