Review- new look Psychologies Magazine

I am not a new reader to Psychologies magazine (I discovered it a few months ago when researching for my writing assignments as part of my course), but I certainly did jump at the opportunity to review the re-shaped version.




I was pleased to see that the feature ‘The Big Conversation’ has stayed.  The month’s featured actress is Julia Roberts.



One of my favourite sections was the Dossier.  This month’s focus is talking.  It is made up of an article about confidence, an interview with Amanda de Cadenet, hypothetical questions that require sensitivity, case studies about conversations that have helped people change their perspective and a self talk test.

I really like the fact that such a broad range of topics are handled in a sensitive manner.  Examples of this include ordinary life, Doc Brown’s involvement in Great Men Value Women, divorce and ways to beat fear.

The Life Lab is a new section with experts answering reader’s questions and experiments to focus on in the month ahead.  Plus there is a special report about Change.

The final section is called The Boost and this is where you find articles on Beauty, Wellbeing, Home, Living, Food and Travel.

I had already become a fan of the magazine having read the two issues (pictured above) that I bought a few months ago.  This issue just confirms to me that it is a great publication and well worth reading.  I devoted several hours to read the magazine from cover to cover.

I like the statement that the editor, Suzy Graves makes in her letter when she states that ‘what matters to us is what you think and how you feel’.  The Psychologies reader isn’t pigeonholed.

There is currently an offer for new subscribers to enjoy the first three issues for £5.  I’m very tempted to take up this offer myself.


Disclaimer: A copy of the magazine was sent to me for review purposes.

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  • anne

    Hi Cathy , it is one of those magazines , where no matter how much you think you have read , you can always pick it up again , re-read and find something you might of missed 🙂

    • Absolutely true Anne. I won’t be recycling the issues I have anytime soon 🙂

  • I’ve never seen or heard of this magazine, Cathy. 🙂 But your recommendation will definitely have me keeping an eye out for it. 🙂

    • Thanks Krista, it is most certainly worth reading 🙂

  • anne

    Well done Cathy , ah they sent you a copy for a review, , but I am still not sure what the reshaped version is?

    • Essentially Anne some of the sections have been renamed and different features added.