Keeping your files organised on your computer

I am writing this post as I have been reading about preparing myself for my next job and that perhaps it is a good idea to blog about what I know.  I have this blogging space of mine and I thought that I would share something about my computer literacy skills.  So here goes.

A compliment that was given to me in my recent position was that I had a very organised email account.

I had organised all of my emails into relevant folders depending on what the subject matter was, which made it easy to go through if I ever needed to refer back to previous correspondence.  I liked nothing better than being able to file all of my emails away to have an empty inbox with all tasks that needed to be done, completed.

However, on my home computer that was very much not the case in my general filing (outside of Outlook) until I started to do something about it last week.

I got a new computer last year with Windows 7 on it and as a result it came with the Libraries folder where your files can be organised into four sections:

  • Documents
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Videos


Being a rather keen taker of photos, those files are fairly organised.  I do this as soon as I download the photos from my camera.  Given that I am a keen music lover, my music is organised too.

Therefore I needed to turn to the Documents folder.

I started off with an aptly named ‘Work’ folder.  When I began it had everything in it.  Old applications that I decided to keep evidence of, copies of academic transcripts and quite a few versions of my CV.  With a little bit of thought I was able to sort through all of the files that I wanted to keep (which was all of them) and place them in appropriate sub folders.  Now it is no longer a mess of applications that I’ve completed this year and last.

If you think that organising your files is too big a task, I suggest that you

start off small

I could have made this a really large task (tackling all documents in one sitting) but I decided to keep it relatively simple by starting with one folder only in Documents (the Work folder).


Now with one thing organised I feel more able to go through other files on my computer.

Doing this filing did make me realise that I should be going through things more often to keep track of all the files that I have lurking on my computer, and to certainly be archiving files that I want to keep but they don’t need to be immediately accessible.

This exercise has made me analyse how I am actually storing my data at home and making me ponder whether I should change how it is organised.

I particularly paused when I came to the ‘My Writing’ folder which at the moment is a mix of half worked articles including blog posts, submitted articles as well as drafts of novels that I have started.  There is certainly room for improvement there.

Is your personal computer organised?  Do you feel you could do a better job?

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  • Good for you, Cathy! You are very organized indeed. 🙂 I too have my pictures organized well, but I just recently starting getting my documents in order. It has made my life SO much easier. 🙂

    • Thank you Krista! I’m trying to be very organized 🙂 I’m glad to hear that you are another person who has their pictures sorted out (I had a feeling you might be). Being organized certainly does make life easier 🙂

  • Ken Powell

    Question 1: Yes. Question 2: I love a challenge 🙂