Offline–switching off from email and my smartphone

I  came back to England last night after spending the past two weeks in Italy.  I made a decision to try and limit myself to the amount of time that I spent near devices and I thoroughly appreciated the effect.  I thought it was rather interesting that as I was browsing through the magazine titles in the airport as I was leaving that one of the headline articles of that issue (the magazine was The Spectator) was based around smart phone usage on holidays.


We were really busy during our holiday (we had a lot that we wanted to achieve), and I was pleased that it wasn’t too difficult to switch off and really have a holiday from all things technological.

I will admit that I checked my email twice and got it under control.  The existence of ‘out of office’ messaging made me feel less guilty about letting things that were not absolutely essential be put on hold.

I don’t feel guilty for neglecting the forms of social media that I use either.  I did manage to finish reading a couple of books whilst I was away and one of those was about social media.  I feel that I will be looking at this medium with fresh eyes.

I can’t iterate enough how pleased I was to occupy the physical world whole-heartedly.

Mini Sheila, however, is not of the same opinion as me, given that some of her first words to me this morning were ‘Where is the iPod charger Mum’.

Meanwhile I’m off to do something about unpacking some suitcases.


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  • anne

    Excellent that you could do it Cathy .. I think too many of US , me included , rely on technology day to day ,, and we all need a break , I think checking emails is ok too, as you do have to keep it under control ,, The other night , I even forgot to charge my phone until the next day ,, so obviously it had died, but I never gave it a second thought actually , until the next afternoon , (forgot about it) , when one son said “I was trying to get hold of you” .. in a text the next morning . Well done and you got your break 🙂 xx

    • Thank you Anne. It is so easy to get caught up in using our phones all the time. I love how you forgot to charge your phone, you gave yourself a break 🙂 Mine was actually turned off for a great part of my holiday.

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  • I’m so thrilled for you, Cathy – though I’ve REALLY missed you and am so happy you were doing something wonderful. 🙂 I’ve been giving myself weekly breaks from social media and it does wonders for my spirits and my life. 🙂 Happy unpacking!! 🙂

    • Oh Krista that is so nice of you to say. I’m pleased to see that you give yourself breaks from social media too. You are so productive on your farm in Qld. I’ve got quite a few of your posts to catch up on 🙂

  • Janine

    So many of us have a love hate relationship with technology. It certainly sounds like you’ve got the upper hand in yours, Cathy. Good for you and welcome back. You were missed! xx

    • Well hopefully I do Janine. I’m glad to be back xx