Muffins vs Muffins

Firstly I hope you do not mind, but I am going to indulge myself in a little bit of nostalgia.  You see when I was growing up and it was winter time in Sydney, I would often come home from school and be really, really hungry.  One of the snacks that my mother would buy in preparation was English muffins.  I have had a look and Tip Top still make them.  I would cut it in half (or maybe my mum did, my memory is a little hazy) and toast it, spread some margarine on top and then eat it all up.

Fast forward quite a number of years to when I had a young family of my own and I indulged in lots of muffin making – American style this time and mainly due to an Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook.  My husband’s favourite involved white chocolate and macadamia nuts.

When we moved to Italy I got out of the habit of making them, in part because many of the ingredients were difficult to come by.  But I did make the muffins included below.



Surprise zucchini muffins


I have yet to convert my kids to be English muffin eaters like myself.  They still prefer the American style ones.



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  • Janine

    Cute story. I love your kitchen anecdotes Cathy! x

    • Thanks Janine. I’m pleased to hear you liked this anecdote x

  • Philippa Challis

    Have they tried the delicious cinnamon and fruit muffins from Morrisons? For my taste, American muffins tend to be too sweet, but home-made they are delicious too.

    • Not yet Philippa, those are the ones that I bought last time.