Magazine favourites

I just enjoy lying on the couch and reading a magazine – David Sedaris.


I heard earlier this year that another magazine bit the dust in Australia.  This time it was Grazia that is not going to be published anymore.  This isn’t a publication that I ever read.  I lamented the fact when Notebook hit the dust in Australia as I really liked the format and the magazine in general.

I absolutely love reading magazines.  Perhaps it is genetic, as my grandfather loved reading National Geographic.


I am amazed by the number of magazines that are present here on offer in WH Smith (a British retailer known for selling newspapers, magazines, books, stationery and entertainment products).  Each of the ones that I have picked up and had a look at appear to have their own individual focus or theme.

My parents got me a gift subscription of Red Magazine for my birthday and I love taking my time pouring over the pages.  Red Magazine is a publication that has an interesting selection of articles aimed at women typically between 25-45.

Here are some of the titles that I have purchased over the past 12 months.


As you can see it is an interesting selection.  Sussex Life is there as I wanted to learn a bit more about the area where I am based.  Italia and A Place in the Sun are there to fuel my love of Italy and far away places, as is the Lonely Planet Traveller.

Do you have a favourite magazine?  Or do you prefer to curl up with a book?  Or like me, do you love both?

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  • anne

    Hi Cathy , I wonder where you get your Italia from , I cannot find it in our smaller WH Smiths ,, I have only had Grazia once or twice and that was I think for a bus journey ,, I like RED , but don’t get it regularly ,, My mother-in-law gives me all her Good Housekeeping ,, which is good , lots and lots to read , and can be aimed at late 30’s/40’s I just see what is on the shelf ,, I used to get Easy Living ,, but no more. Also I pick up Traveller , might be a different one ,, Interestingly in our small Tesco’s express we have the Hampshire life ,, and as I live in Oxfordshire I find it a bit odd !! 🙂
    So yes I am a magazine reader , depends on what I pick up ,,and a book reader too .. not a Kindle or Nook , but a book LOL xx Take care Anne

    • Hi Anne. They don’t stock Italia here in Seaford. I’ve bought copies from WH Smith in Eastbourne, otherwise it is possible to order copies directly from Anthem Publishing’s website. That’s really interesting that your local Tesco’s stocks Hampshire Life. Glad to hear you’re a keen magazine reader. I already knew you were a book worm 🙂

      • anne

        Hi Cathy I am a big magazine reader ,, I have found it thanks , not in my town though , went to another town not far from here , and saw it today ,, 🙂 another new magazine that I have been looking at , not bought though , is Simple Things , not fashion ,but lots of other things , places etc food ,, take care Anne

  • Janine

    I love magazines with a passion Cathy. More than books I have to admit I think because they are visual and fast and you can pick them up and put them down so easily and they are always new and shiny and all for the price of a coffee and cake – at least in melbourne! I love world of interiors but I have to say I love the Italian versions of vogue and elle for the edge and the style. They drip style….See what I mean. xx

    • I thought you might Janine. It is the visual aspect that also appeals to me, so I totally understand what you mean. Is Belle Australia one of the mags you like? I can’t get over the size of Italian Vogue. It’s huge! I know exactly what you mean about their style… xx

  • I love magazines too! 🙂 In North American my favorites were Victoria and Real Simple, here in Oz I love Feast and am still familiarizing myself with the others. 🙂

    • Yeah another magazine lover Krista 🙂 There are so many great publications out there, I hope you are enjoying your search down under 🙂