Like riding a bike…well almost

A couple of weeks ago we got a car.  Since our Italian car was driven back to Italy, we have been borrowing my in-laws automatic car.  Although I can walk into town and do the shopping, there are some times when it is quite handy to have a car.  Thus began the search for a family sized car.  My head was nearly exploding by the time the Britalian and I had narrowed down our search to a couple of models that we were both in agreement about. Then we had to find one!  It is not a ginormous car, but with a teenager and tweenager in the household the car needed to have enough leg room for them both to be comfortable.

I learnt to drive in an automatic car.  Then the Britalian taught me how to drive a manual van in the car park of a football stadium in Italy.  Most of the cars we have had (bar one, when we lived in Australia) since I’ve been with the Britalian have been manual cars, and it has been tough to get used to.  But in Italy, I managed to get from A to B in my little Clio.


Since it has been quite a few months that I’ve been driving an automatic car, this time I am not finding it that easy to acclimatize to a manual-transmission car again.  I feel like I’ve fallen off the bike, and am finding it hard to get in motion again.  It certainly doesn’t help with town traffic, that necessitates the use of lower gears.

It was crazy busy at the supermarket this morning and I found myself thinking that this really is silly.  I managed to park and to manoeuvre out of the car spot.  What I need is more practice, and I’m going to schedule that for after the Christmas shopping rush!  Smooth gear changing is goal 1. for 2014.

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  • anne

    Little bit confused, are you allowed to drive a manual mission if you learnt in an automatic ? Did you have to take another test , I know my sons ex girlfriend , can only drive an automatic as that is what she passed her test in.. Or if you pass with Manual , you can drive both ,, but hey , only asking , I cannot even drive ,,

    • Yes now I am Anne. Initially not, but I can now.

  • LindyLouMac

    Oh Cathy I feel for you, but you will be fine once you get your confidence back. The pre Christmas chaos is certainly not a good time to start!

    • Thank you Linda. I’m sure I’ll be fine too 🙂