Half term second breakfast

Until last week I hadn’t purchased an Aunt Bessie’s product.  I’ve seen publicity about yorkshires on the TV, and I have just finished reading a Milly Johnson book where Aunt Bessie’s yorkshires were mentioned as well.

But this post isn’t about yorkshires.

It is about hash browns.

I was standing at the check out in Morrisons today when I spotted the end of the aisle freezer with the Aunt Bessie’s hash browns.

Given that my son hadn’t had a large breakfast, I raced over, grabbed a packet and suggested to him that we have a second breakfast of baked beans on toast with hash browns.






This post has been written to participate in the Half Term Food Challenge.  All participants receive an Aunt Bessie’s voucher, and five participants will win a £200 Tesco voucher.

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  • anne

    Your sooo funny Cathy 🙂 🙂 … I find it fascinating when expats write about what they see or bought in supermarkets .. over here,.. I love googling to see new blogs about life in the UK by expats .. so different through their eyes .. take care xx

    • That makes me smile Anne that you find my post funny ;-). It’s all new and exciting to us newly arrived expats. We need to ask for recommendations from family, friends or locals or just wildly explore and take chances 🙂

  • Kate Davis-Holmes

    Love hash browns and always good to see just how many different Aunt Bessies products are available. Great choice.

    • Thanks Kate for stopping by and commenting.

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