Greenwich- a first visit

We were in Greenwich during the Greenwich + Docklands International Festival.

We got off the light rail and started to walk towards the Cutty Sark.



We admired it from the outside and at various different angles.


We had a look at the Thames

and spotted a ferry


We saw the Shard in the distance.


I spotted this van.


Later we headed back and it was like this:


Then it was time to go and explore the festival.


We ventured in here briefly and there was so much reading material to take in, not to mention an adjoining coffee shop for a much needed coffee.


This fascinating bottle display was also in the coffee shop.


The lending library was open too.



One of our favourite performances was from the theatre group Les Enfants Terribles.


We loved their production, Imaginary Menagerie  so much the first time we watched it we came back later for its second show.

The Greenwich Market provided us with our lunch.


The Italian stall provided lunch for my daughter as she has had a craving for a certain type of cheese and the lady serving found something that made my daughter really happy.

We hardly scratched the surface of Greenwich and we liked it so much we fully intend to return one day.

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  • Janine

    Lovely day out. You really capture the atmosphere Cathy. The sky looks a lot like ours today too!! 😉 xx

    • Oh it was Janine. Thanks for the compliment. Ah, good old Melbourne weather 😉 xx

  • anne

    Lovely day out Cathy, as you say, hardly scratched the surface , oh well you WILL just have to return 🙂 .. What a super festival too, so much fun, when you find places like this. Now the Bottle light display reminds me of one in Nando’s restaurant , I have a photo too, must put it up. Take care and have a good week.xo

    • Exactly Anne we WILL return 🙂 You take care too Anne xx