Farewell to primary school

As I sat waiting for the performance to start I was hit by a wave of nostalgia.  The temperature inside the school hall and the fact that several other people were waving their programs in front of their faces reminded me of my own end of school year speech days.  The temperature as well was rather similar to what it was like in early December in Sydney.  The temperature was also noted by the teacher who made a speech at the end of the performance that this was probably the hottest school leavers’ concert ever.

Then the children started to move into the hall.  They were organised, it seemed into coherent groups.  Most of the children appeared to be there in the hall when they started to sing.  A wave of panic rose in me as my own daughter had not appeared yet.  I didn’t have to wait long though before more children filed in, including Mini Sheila.  I breathed a sigh of relief, sank back into my plastic chair and proceeded to enjoy the performance.


I think a performance like this is a great way to end year 6.  Both classes appeared united as they performed and sang beautifully.  I had moist eyes myself whenever it was Mini Sheila’s turn to speak a line or two.  She has already picked up an English accent and looked quite comfortable up there on stage with her classmates.

As I sit here writing this I ponder on my own primary school experiences.  Mine were divided between two major cities in Australia.  There was mention yesterday of the children who had spent their entire primary school years in the one place.  Although this isn’t the case for Mini Sheila I don’t think her different experiences have disadvantaged her in any way.  I think they have added enormously to her personal development, particularly since she is bilingual.  There is no doubt that she has made great progress since coming here to England.  Best of all, her English level is on target for her age group here in England.

High school will of course bring new challenges, but I think she feels ready and really excited.

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  • Janine

    Cathy, a really lovely and loving account of one of the most important rites of passage in a child’s life. No doubt mini-Sheila’s experience will continue to be a source of inspiration as she moves through high school. Enjoy the holidays! xx

    • Thank you very much Janine. I hope so too. We will no doubt enjoy these school holidays – thank you xx

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