Family Bank Holiday Outings

We are getting used to bank holiday weekends that come around.  This month there are two such weekends.

I found this infographic by Money Supermarket very interesting.


Image source: MoneySupermarket Travel Insurance

I was one of the 71 parent bloggers who replied to the survey questions.  There are certainly so many great places out there to see with your family here in England and I was very grateful that Money Supermarket made it possible for my family and I to see the local Drusillas park.

We usually take packed lunches with us, and then perhaps we will indulge in a treat, perhaps an ice cream.

What are you planning to do this bank holiday Monday?  If you aren’t in the UK, what do you do with your family on long weekends?

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  • Anne Arnott

    Hi Cathy, to me honest ,we don’t do much on bank holidays .. We did go and see my eldest son and family yesterday .. we took out grandson to see them ,, Uncle auntie and cousins and then had lunch with them and then home … Thomas is going back home today … and as Arni is flying to Spain tomorrow, he wants to have a rest day xx

    • I think that is fine too Anne. It helps to have an extra day to get stuff done or just relax. We’ve been making a rabbit pie for this evening. I hope you are enjoying your rest day xx

  • When we get a holiday we usually look at each other and say, “YES!! We can finally get some work done!” 🙂 Aren’t we boring? 🙂 But when we DO plan a day off, we love going to the beach, visiting foodie shops and getting delicious things to eat at home, going for drives in the mountains, or spending a wonderfully brainless day at the movies. 🙂

    • No not boring at all Krista. You have plenty of great ideas for when you do go on trips away from your farm 🙂