British Airways versus Easyjet for family travel

During the summer we had a family holiday to Italy.  I looked into flights several months beforehand and ended up buying outward bound tickets on British Airways (BA) and flights back to England with Easyjet.

The decision I made basically came down to cost.

I bought standard economy airfares and for the BA flight that my husband and I travelled on, I booked the hand luggage only option.  The children spent longer in Italy and their flights included luggage.

The British Airways airplane was clean and the flight went without any particular hold ups.  We all got a standard sandwich and one drink.

I must say I was hesitant to use Easyjet because in the past when I’ve travelled with them I have felt like part of a herd of cattle as people pushed and shoved to get on board.  I didn’t feel like this the first time as our children were smaller and we got to board first.  Not so the second time.

This time I was pleasantly surprised.  When I did the online check in I didn’t pay the extra for allocated seats but we ended up very near the front of the plane which I thought was great.

Food and drink needs to be paid for on board in either pounds or euros.  We’d already had a snack at the airport, but all of us were still rather hungry and thirsty too.

With the baggage packing for our return flight I paid a lot of attention as I’ve been caught out before paying excess baggage.  We started off with two cases and then added a third which wasn’t filled to capacity.

The other thing that concerned me was the size of the hand luggage on Easyjet which has been reduced recently.  You are guaranteed on board 50 x 40 x 20cm.


My trusty hand luggage that I’ve had for years which Mini Sheila used is within the larger category which wasn’t guaranteed.


The specified maximum size for this is 56 x 45 x 25cm including handles and wheels.

I’m impressed to say that it was accepted.

As a bilingual family it was also interesting to note that only Easyjet had announcements in both Italian and English.

All in all I was happy flying with both of them and depending on future destinations will continue to use both.  The fact that you now get an allocated seat on Easyjet makes it a worthy option in my book.


I always take the inflight magazine away with me after I get to my destination to make sure I’ve not missed any interesting articles.

Do you have a favourite airline?  Do you take the magazine away with you like me?


Disclaimer: I have no association with either of these airlines.  This is my honest opinion.

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  • Ingrid

    I have to say I often fly Easyjet as the connection I’ve used most is Nice-Rome and as a solo traveller the non=allocated seating has not been a problem – usually I happily take an aisle seat and often get one closer to the front. More recently I seem to have taken to travelling by bus 🙂

    • Well that’s very interesting Ingrid to hear your travel experiences from a solo perspective. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • Toni

    We won’t fly Easyjet any more after they cancelled our flight and rebooked us on a later one without informing us. We only discovered the change when I checked in online. We had to cancel the changed flight and rebook with another airline which ended up being much more expensive than if I had booked a return with the alternative airline in the first place and an enormous stress and hassle. In my view budget airlines are a false economy unless you are a student with no money and plenty of time who can be flexible about everything except price.