Brighton and Hove buses–app

I joined the ranks of smartphone users earlier this year when my phone died.  It has been an interesting introduction to using a ‘smarter’ phone with the various apps that I have been able to download and use.

For this post I wanted to concentrate on the Brighton and Hove bus app.  At the moment I am commuting daily into Eastbourne for work.  There are quite a few options for tickets.  You can buy a paper ticket from the driver, either single or return depending on your plans.  Or you can buy a day/week ticket with the possibility for scratching off the date.  These are either red or blue in colour.  The local post office and tourist office sell these cardboard tickets with adhesive panels once you have scratched off the right date.  When I first started using the bus more often I applied for a bus card.  By logging into the website, I could buy tickets to add to my card.

Now that I have a smartphone there was the possibility to download the app and buy tickets directly with my phone.


inside a Brighton & Hove bus. Yes some of them have seat-belts

The app has had issues in the past.  I’ve had trouble buying tickets, where I had to resort to deleting the app and uploading it again but it seems to be resolved.  Usually you can now open the app and manage to get the right tab available to buy tickets.  The app is now the most cost effective method to buy tickets (I usually buy a 7 day saver).  The Saver ticket is great value as you can use it on all Brighton & Hove buses within the network.  When you get on the bus you have to get yourself organised so you aren’t keeping the driver and fellow passengers waiting.

I am most definitely an app convert.


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  • Denise

    Is that bus in Eastbourne near the seafront? I like the bus but don’t live on a route… definitely dig smartphones as I have upgraded from an ancient iPhone and it actually loads a page faster than it would take for me to draw it by hand.

    Apps are great.

    • Do you mean the bus in the picture Denise? If so, it is about a block away from the seafront. Glad to hear you are another smartphone lover 🙂

  • Janine

    Happy app using Cathy! x

    • Thank you Janine 🙂

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