Blue and black

Blue and black are the colours that dominate my washing pile.  Given that all four of us have black socks it can be quite tricky to sort through them all.  Mini Sheila, now in year 7 has only recently started using black socks as primary school necessitated white ones.  It is a good thing that I decided to buy hers from a different shop from the Mini Britalian’s otherwise I would be even more perplexed when it comes to sorting through the washing.

This morning I did just that.  Having waited at the end of last week for a fine day and feeling disappointed when it didn’t happen, I did the washing anyway on gloomy Saturday.  I didn’t want to go near the serious pile of black and blue to do the sorting yesterday which saved that joy until this morning.

Three members of the household have blue shirts for work and school.  The pile was really big and totally uninviting.  But ironing had to be done.


Such a great feeling and indeed a magic moment when you get to the bottom of the ironing pile.

Now grocery shopping calls.

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  • Kim Carberry

    Ohh I don’t iron unless I really have to….lol I do get that happy feeling when I get to the bottom of the dirty washing basket. Doesn’t happen often though….hehehe

    • It is not my favourite task either Kim but I like seeing my family going off to work and school neat and tidy 🙂 I love the feeling too of seeing an empty dirty washing basket (which doesn’t last long – that’s true).

  • We had to stop ironing everything apart from Uniforms as it was getting depressing. Our ironing pile is still huge and we aren’t very good at it!
    As you feel so magical did you want to tackle mine? Well done :O)

    • Ah I see. Unfortunately I’m not feeling generous enough to iron other people’s clothes. It isn’t my favourite domestic task after all 🙂

  • Janine

    I hear you Cathy! Brava!!! I haven’t seen the bottom of the ironing basket for a while….saving that pleasure. Who knows why? xo

    • Thank you 🙂 Oh well Janine, sometimes we just let it mount up 🙂

  • theroadoutside

    It definitely is a Magic Moment when you reach the bottom of the washing / ironing pile. Well done!

    • Thank you very much.

  • lol i have just had that very feeling tonight after 3 hours of ironing .. its now empty!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments xx

    • Brilliant Jaime. Yeah to an empty ironing basket 🙂

  • Certainly a Magic Moment, it would take much more than magic to ever have my ironing/wardrobes looking like that! xx

    • Cathy

      Thanks Emily. Glad to hear you think this qualifies as a Magic Moment 🙂