An afternoon snack that brought on nostalgia for me

Today there was no school as there was a teacher’s strike.  Hence the mini Britalian and mini Sheila have been around all day.  Both of them, but particularly the mini Britalian seem to have amazing appetites at the moment.  I was giving some thought as to what to get them to eat throughout the day as I was walking around the supermarket this morning when I came across these.



Yes they are packet noodles.

Now I remember when I was about the same age as the mini Britalian I came home from school ravenous and I sometimes ate MAGGI 2 minute noodles (which apparently have been around since 1980).

When I spotted these today I thought I would indulge myself in a bit of nostalgia while providing a snack for my children.


The method appears similar although these are 6 minute noodles in the microwave.

Here they are all ready to be devoured.



They were devoured by both of my kids who really liked them.


Please excuse the photo quality, but I took these with my phone.


Do you have a meal or snack that brings back nostalgic memories for you?

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  • Ken Powell

    In my youth, it was slices of bread and jam (black currant was a favourite)

    • Well that’s a great way to fill up a teenage boy too 🙂

  • anne

    I think 3 of my grandchildren love noodles , but Olivia age 5 , will only eat ASDA noodles , she does not like Super Noodles at all .. I buy mine from Chinese supermarkets , 4 for a pound 🙂 they make a warming quick snack .

    • Bless dear Olivia for only eating ASDA noodles Anne. Lucky you buying noodles from Chinese supermarkets, good value 🙂

  • Janine

    It’s something I eat everyday…. but toast and jam – no butter and the jam has to be French apricot 😉 – is the first thing I thought of Cathy! It gets me out of bed in the morning and is the thing I look for when I’m back home after a trip away…

    • Toast and jam – that’s a great one Janine 🙂

  • The noodles are very nostalgic for me I remember all of my friends having their own “right” way of preparing them too!

    • Thanks for commenting Lila. I love how you say your friends all had their own way of preparing them.

  • Mrs Organised @ AppleBee Lane

    Freshly baked rolls from the bakery on a Sunday morning was our weekly treat, smothered in butter … even now, if I walk past a bakery and smell freshly baked bread it takes me back to my childhood … oh the memories!

    • Freshly baked bread – I can just smell it now – great memory.

  • Oh these are still a fave in our house after school and two like them with the soupy broth and 1 without. Thanks for linking up with Bron and I 🙂 x

    • I’m pleased to read that they are a favourite in your house Sonia 🙂