A new family sport?

On two occasions a couple of weeks ago I went for a walk whilst the other members of my family were moving in a different way.  The first time, I was out with my kids and my daughter was roller blading whilst my son was on his skateboard.  We went along the seafront at Seaford as there is a fairly decent sized pathway for most of the way as you head towards Newhaven.  On this day we were out of the house for about an hour probably covering a couple of miles.  The kids usually went way ahead of me and then they turned around and came back towards me.


On another occasion I was walking whilst my husband and daughter rolled around on their roller blades.  My husband got some roller blades for Christmas with the intention of using them as regularly as he can.  It was a fine day and there were plenty of people outside taking in the sunny weather and fresh air, and making the most of it, by walking or cycling.  There was even a cyclist with a dog on a lead.  I overheard someone say to me where were my roller blades.


I don’t have any and I don’t think that I intend to buy any, at least not in the near future.  Now I love being outside and walking and making the most of the weather when it is fine, but I don’t believe I will become a roller blade convert, at least not in the short term!

I did have a go at it on that day, but my feet were full of tension and I didn’t go terribly far.  I felt quite unstable, even though my husband was very encouraging and I did get a bit of a rhythm going.  Is roller-blading similar to riding a bike?  Do you lose the sensation of what it feels like, or does it just lie dormant?  I have never owned a pair of roller blades though.  I had a pair of roller skates which I loved using out the front of my parents’ house in suburban Sydney.  I may have trashed my knees when I was learning to ride my bike properly, but I never had a serious fall roller skating.  I personally think I might just quit whilst I am ahead.  For me this doesn’t represent a new family sport (for all of us).  I am happy to continue to walk alongside (and perhaps jog a little to catch up).



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  • anne

    I can ride a bike , but as for Roller skating / Roller blading, I think I would be the same as you. Brilliant though that there is a place for them to do it. Very experience roller skaters , do it around Paris on a Friday I think .. lots and lots of them , it is amazing to watch them all going around, they have a special route too. 🙂

    • Fabulous Anne. I am pleased that there is somewhere they can go. I am envious of how easy my daughter makes it look 🙂 That sounds like a great thing to see in Paris – lots of roller skaters together, thank you for sharing.

  • LindyLou Mac

    I would just love to see M on his roller blades. I used to be a keen roller and ice skater and imagine roller blades maybe similar to the latter, but have yet to try, if I ever do!

    • That’s a lovely comment Linda 🙂 You would probably take to it reasonably quickly if you did try it 🙂

  • Rhian @melbs

    I like the idea of roller blading and where I am in Australia it is quite the done thing. When I see everyone doing it down at St Kilda it looks really easy but then looks can be deceiving. I’m with you, I might just stick with walking/jogging.

    • Me too I like the idea of it and can visualise myself doing it, but the actual doing is quite a wake up call. Walking it is for me 🙂