A little bit of sentimentality and some soul food

Last night I was tidying up in my bedroom and I came across a little book that I mentioned to a friend recently.


Inside was a little saying taken from the bible.


This picture below shows you how small this little card is (this is my Kindle in its case).


This card belonged to my grandfather and I found it in a bible that he gave to me.  I often feel sentimental about things, and yesterday was one such occasion.

I have been thinking a lot about my grandfather recently as I am now living in the country of his birth.  He moved to Australia when he was a child.

It says on the back of Stephanie Dowrick’s book Every Day a New Beginning to open at any page and feel renewed.

I did just that yesterday…

The page I opened was this one, pg.49

Value your instinct for beauty.

Take time to look deeply into

whatever nourishes you.

Create small touches of beauty

wherever you are.


I also wanted to share with you a passage from the beginning of the book.

Encouragement expresses a ‘big heart’ –

and the joy in living that goes with it.

Your power to encourage yourself and others

can literally transform your life.

It opens your eyes to your own strengths.

It allows you to ask less of others – and

receive more.

It supports you to move on from

disappointment and recover from loss.

It gives you the courage to try something


It restores hope.

The habits and practices of encouragement

are easily learned.

Every day… is a new beginning.


Sometimes all it takes is just a little brief period of time for some reflection and thinking.  I need to try and remember to make more time for such things, and think that really every day I can start again.



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  • Beautiful post Cathy 🙂 And I LOVE that last photo, where was it taken?

    • Thank you dear Mim 🙂 The last photo was taken at our house in Italy (the view of the lake from the portico).

  • Janine

    Amazing, beautiful post Cathy. A gift. Thank you! xx

    • That is lovely for you to say, thank you Janine, I’m pleased you liked it xx

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