Celebrating milestones big and small

Yesterday we went to a joint 1st birthday party for some extended family members.


There were many attendees present.  Lots of people to celebrate the arrival of two very special people last year.  Marking these occasions with parties is how many people celebrate.  This party had a farm theme, which was rather sweet.



Cupcakes with edible farm animals


Mini Sheila started to ask me questions about during her first year.  So today I have pulled out the special scrapbooks that I made to celebrate the arrival of my children.


I dedicated a page to each month of their first two years with a picture at the centre and some important memories written around the picture.

It has been a pleasant trip down memory lane looking at how they grew in the first two years and reflecting on how much they have grown in general.

Yesterday at the party, a few of us commented on how quickly time flies, not only just the past 12 months but time in general.  Mini Sheila and her second cousin are in the same generation but there is a 13 year age gap between them.

My kids also mentioned to other relatives about cakes that I have made in the past – the koala, giraffe, Puss in Boots and also the football shaped cake for my husband’s 30th birthday.


I thoroughly enjoyed making the effort to make these cakes and it is something that I haven’t done for a long time, making me think that perhaps I should make the effort this year.

The Mini Britalian has given me an idea for his upcoming birthday.  I do wonder whether I am up to the challenge…

Do you agree that time passes rather quickly?

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