Aromistico coffee

I wasn’t a coffee drinker before I met my husband.  The beverage just didn’t have the same appeal as tea.  However since we have been together I have changed my mind.  I attribute this in part to living in Italy – that certainly helped.

But you don’t need to go to a bar to have good coffee.

I was given the opportunity to try some Italian coffee at home.

Aromistico in box

I was given two types to try – Roma – a medium roast, described as mellow, sharp & nut-like.  Plus Napoli – a dark roast – smoky, malty and dark-chocolate like.

Roma and Napoli

I got my boys to try the coffee as well.  I wasn’t going to drink the whole pot by myself!

I tried the Napoli coffee as a long drink.

Napoli coffee in mug

Whereas I drank the Roma blend in a short version.

short Roma

I certainly enjoyed both types of coffee – definitely worth the extra effort to prepare a pot of filtered coffee.  You are able to purchase the coffee either already ground or the whole beans.

Aromistico is run by the Pelliconi family who have been in the coffee trade since 1987.  They are based in the Lake Garda region of northern Italy.  Two generations of the family have maintained their small, independent family business.  Having already provided coffee to restaurants and cafes, their aim is to reach customers at home.

Disclaimer: I was given samples of the coffee to try in exchange for a review.  The above is my honest opinion.

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