Fit by 40

It does make me smile reading a post that I wrote at the beginning of 2013 claiming that last year would be the year when I would get fit.  There are many times that I have the best intentions, but end up not following through.  This is one of those occasions as it didn’t turn out that way.  In fact here we are, over 12 months later and I still haven’t done much about it.  I do not describe myself as being fit at the moment. 2013 was not the year I became fit.  I procrastinated about it quite a lot but didn’t do much to achieve better health in terms of exercise.

This is why I have come up with a plan.

I turn a certain age next year.  It is indeed the big 4-0.

Basically I want to be fitter than I am, since I am not happy with my level of fitness.

My zumba teacher recently called me fit but I begged to differ with her.  I feel that if I were fit my legs would not hurt after a mile or so on my bike.  I know what it used to feel like when I cycled into town when we lived in Italy.  That certainly isn’t the case at the moment.

My plan involves weight loss and toning up.  I have already started to watch what I eat and am getting better at including healthy food in my diet (particularly at lunch time as I make my lunch every day).  Hence why I get called a health freak at work.

Things came to a head this year when I participated in Dry July.  Dry July is a month long campaign to raise money for cancer charities in Australia by not drinking alcohol.  I appreciated the better sleep.  It was during that month that I made an effort to walk more.

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I believe the healthy eating part is the easiest element to address in my fitness campaign.

What is proving harder is the moving more.  It is so easy to have that extra half an hour of sleep in the morning rather than get up and do some exercise.  Or come home and sit in front of the TV rather than go for a ride or do an hour of zumba.

I am not trying to turn myself into an athlete.  I just want to be a stronger woman, which I do believe is achievable.

I have reached a point where it is essential that I make this effort for myself.  To take good care of myself and enhance my fitness as I head towards and then into my 40s.

What do you think?  Can I do it?

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