America’s Cup World Series Portsmouth

Now I am not really a sailing enthusiast, however the boys in my family are, particularly my husband.  We investigated the possibility of viewing the America’s Cup World Series in Portsmouth and I must say it was one of the best decisions we have made recently.

To begin with the weather was absolutely fantastic – particularly on the Friday and Saturday.  We weren’t based on site on the Friday but that didn’t mean that we missed out on the action.  We had decided that we were going to check out the Gunwharf Quays, where there was a screen so we could view some of the practice race moments.

gunwharf quaysAfter some lunch and a spot of window shopping we decided to walk down towards the Race Village.

road closed

The atmosphere and racing

So Saturday dawned, and it looked like it was going to be a lovely sunny day.

Sat 23 ACWSPWe weren’t sure exactly where was going to be the best vantage point with our standing tickets, so we opted to try the grassy bank which had a big screen located near it.  I think it worked out well, as I found myself alternating between looking at the screen and looking at the action on the water.

It was a really hot day on Saturday.  I covered myself with sun cream so I didn’t burn sitting in full sun for most of the day.

Even though I didn’t understand all the tactical maneuvers of the sailors, I feel that Sunday was the more exciting day.  I think it had something to do with the double points and the fact that Team GB aka Land Rover BAR, the home side finished first in that first race.  It encouraged the home crowd.  However it wasn’t a done deal at that stage.  My daughter and I found ourselves compelled to watch the remaining two races.  The team who finished first in the final two races was Team USA.  However based on points team GB came in just ahead of Team USA, by 1 point!

The food

But it wasn’t just about the sailing.  There were stalls to check out away from the water’s edge (there was a queue to get into the one with merchandise) and there were plenty of tasty things to purchase.

In fact you were spoilt for choice.  We tried out one of the ice cream stands.  We couldn’t pass by the pizza either.  Plus my husband was tempted to try out the churros after we first sampled it in Spain last year.


There was also free food such as the Dorset cereals stand.

The event certainly turned out to be fun for the whole family.

Have you ever been to a live sporting event?  If so, which sport?

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