Review – My Year Without Meat – Richard Cornish

This title came to my attention one day when I was browsing through Melbourne University Publishing’s offers on NetGalley.  The premise of a year without eating meat sounded really interesting.


I really did love this book from the first page.  After all the book opens with Cornish eating a roast shoulder of lamb on a country road.  Cornish definitely has a way with words when describing food and the food industry as well.

His book certainly gets you thinking about all sorts of things.  Amongst them includes the way that animals are treated before they end up on your table, what it is like being a vegetarian in Spain, anecdotes from Cornish’s childhood growing up on a farm.

One of my favourite quotes is the following:

The best Australian chefs are hardworking and hungry for knowledge.  They know meat is a shortcut to yumminess.  But to produce really good vegetarian food at a high standard demands chefs have a good knowledge of food and an understanding of how flavour works.  This involves a broad range of skills and understanding of ingredients from a range of cultures.

It got me thinking a lot about vegetables – and quality, one thing that became important to Cornish as a result of this challenge.  Vegetables that taste as they should do.  But not only vegetables – also meat, like the chicken that his mother prepared one Christmas when he was a child.

If you are at all curious to know what it would be like to not eat meat, then I think this book is a good place to start.

Richard Cornish is an award-winning food writer who pens the much-loved and irreverent Fairfax column Brain Food. He has co-authored the bestselling MoVida cookbooks with Frank Camorra and Phillippa’s Home Baking with Phillippa Grogan. His journalism explores where food comes from, how it gets to us and why some foods taste better than others.

You can purchase the book from the publisher’s website.

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