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In the Front Row: How Australian Fashion made the World Stage

Simon P. Lock

in the front row


The inside story of the coming of age of Australian fashion and of designers, celebrities and supermodels, and of businesses big and small.
In the Front Row charts the rise of Australian Fashion Week, from one man’s ambition to take Australian fashion to the world, to the glittering international event it is today. Simon P. Lock’s determination placed Sydney on the international fashion week circuit, up there with New York, London, Milan and Paris.

Lock’s story takes you backstage for the twenty years that Fashion Week has wowed the world. It tells the story of daring designers, supermodels and celebrities and details how Australia’s biggest fashion stars—Akira Isogawa, Collette Dinnigan, Peter Morrissey, Wayne Cooper, sass & bide, Zimmermann, Dion Lee and Ellery—got their start. He reveals the parts Miranda Kerr, Elle Macpherson, Linda Evangelista, Dita Von Teese and Cate Blanchett played in this often drama-filled adventure.

In the Front Row reveals the feuds, frustrations and triumphs of producing one of Australia’s most fabulous international events.


The book opens:

Today was a pretty big day for our little business.

The first chapter tells of the influence that Lock’s father has had on his life.

It seemed from my childish point of view that the only opinions the world had of Australia were that it was completely unworldly, was great at sports, had a wealth of natural resources and that was about it.

His father turned out to be an amazing role model.

Daily I learnt how to handle people in a work environment, how to create a like-minded team to achieve a common goal, what was fair and just in life and business and what wasn’t.

Lock had a big vision for Australian Fashion Week which obviously stems from the dynamo his father was.  He clearly provided an excellent role model for Lock who managed to get Australian Fashion Week off the ground with clear determination.

I had purposely named the event Australian Fashion Week so it was never going to be city-centric, a break in global precedents, where fashion weeks are named after the city in which they are held.


There were some big names who assisted greatly in getting the inaugural fashion week going including Peter Morrissey and Leona Edmiston, Annita Keating, Peter Collins and Marco Maccapani.  But there were many others.  Plus what a journey it was to bring the event to life.


From day one our vision was global.  Our ambition was to become a respected and permanent fixture on the international fashion week circuit, presenting designers that were world class.  The fact that they were from Australia was just an advantage.

There were so many things that I liked about this book.  I am utterly grateful that I had the possibility to read it.

Simon P. Lock, owner and CEO of The Lock Group, is known for his key role in the implementation of international fashion week showcases in the Asia Pacific region. Founder of the Mercedes Australia Fashion Week, Lock currently serves as creative director of Dubai Fashion Week and acts as a creative consultant to fashion and retail brands including Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney. Credited as the ‘Godfather’ of Australian fashion, in 2011 Lock was the recipient of the prestigious Australian Fashion Laureate award in recognition of his enduring contributions, marking the first time the award was presented to an individual who was not a designer. He has recently established ordre, a global online wholesale platform for the ready-to-wear fashion industry.

Publisher: Melbourne University Publishing

RRP: AUD 34.99 (paperback)

ISBN: 9780522867916

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