An Introduction to earworms

One of my achievements that I am proud of is the acquisition of a second language.  I first started becoming interested in learning Italian while I was still in high school.  However it wasn’t until I was at university that I started to study the language.  Even then I didn’t end up doing it for as long as I could have done.

What really improved my Italian was moving to the country and spending 7.5 years there.  It did take a while and by no means am I totally fluent.  I do make grammatical mistakes, but I can make myself understood and I can understand a lot that is said too.

But we don’t live in Italy anymore.

For me it is important that I don’t lose what Italian I have gained.  So I am grateful for resources like earworms mbt®.  I like things set to music and I like reinforcing what skills I currently have.  I haven’t utilised this resource for a while, but this is one that I am glad I have.



Given that I wish to learn Spanish, I was pleased to learn that earworms have a Spanish version of the Rapid course.


I am currently trying to work out how to make a habit of listening to this Spanish course.  Naturally it is totally different to my Italian experience as I know hardly any Spanish words but I do like the format.  My plan is to try to get into a routine of listening and report back on my progress in a couple of months’ time.  There are 10 tracks which introduces some helpful vocabulary and sentence structures for if you were to go on holiday and that is my hope at some stage in the future – a trip to Spain.


Disclaimer: I own a copy of Rapid Italian earworms mbt® and was given a copy of Rapid Spanish for review purposes.  My opinion is an honest one.


What resources do you find useful when learning foreign languages?

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