So far so good this bank holiday weekend

It has been a while since I have written a post on my blog.  I’ve been rather busy to be perfectly honest.  I started a new job at the beginning of May and I am happy to report that I am thoroughly enjoying my new role.  It seems that at the end of the day after a commute on public transport and getting dinner ready and the family organised I have had little energy left for writing new posts here.

But this weekend, we are in the midst of enjoying a second bank holiday weekend this month and so far the weather has been rather nice, and I have captured a stolen moment at the end of today to write this post.

spring flower

It has meant that we have been able to spend some time in the garden, cutting the grass and doing a bit of tidying.


This is the rear of the garden where there are a few fruit trees and now the lawn is under control.

There is still the presence of a mirror dinghy that needs restoration work to be completed, but it isn’t at the top of a priority list by any means.


Walks along the seafront have been enjoyed as well as eating ice-cream, drinking G&T’s and chilled white wine.  Plus BBQ food.


Here’s hoping this warm spell continues.  Today I wore a T-shirt the whole day without needing to add a jumper over it.  Quite a novelty living in England.


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