Change your life–before lunch

Ever since I have become a reader of Red magazine I have been curious about what the Reader events are like.  But I couldn’t decide which one took my fancy and have so far ended up not booking to go to one.

That was until I read in April’s magazine about a breakfast event in London with happiness guru Gretchen Rubin.

Reader event Gretchen Rubin

The article got my attention.

I knew that her latest book was about to be released and I knew that she was going to include London as part of her book tour, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it to one of the events.  Right at the end of the article was a box giving details of a reader event in central London.  The title at the top of the box was ‘Change your life – before lunch’.

It turns out that it is a good thing that I am a lark (or early riser).  Mind you being able to make it to an event that starts in central London at 7.30am necessitated a rather early start for me in Sussex.  The alarm went off at 4.30am and I sprang out of bed in order to be able to get myself out of the door to make a train just after 5am.  I usually don’t get up quite this early.

I am a big fan of Rubin’s work and have followed her blog since 2007.  I am utterly impressed by the blogging schedule that she manages to keep to.

I thoroughly enjoyed her book Happier at Home.

Gretchen Rubin books


I tested the limits of my poor handbag by squeezing in both of her books that I own.

It was possible to buy her latest book ‘Better than Before’ – Measuring the Habits of Our Everyday Lives there, but I am glad that I ordered it beforehand and had read most of it by the beginning of the event this morning.  I read the remaining 10 pages on the train ride back to Sussex.

So was I glad I went?


I have devoted hours to devouring her work, reading the blog posts, her books, listening to her videos and now there is the podcast with her sister as well.  She was exactly as I thought she would be.

In her new book Rubin gives some strategies to use regarding habits, both formation and elimination of.  Firstly though, you need to ascertain which tendency you fall into, as these have a bearing on habit formation.  There are four tendencies: Upholder, Questioner, Obliger and Rebel.  She has a quiz for you to take to see which tendency you fall into.  Although you may find yourself thinking you fall into more than one category, according to Rubin, there is really one that you most identify with.

I am most curious to know where her writing will take her next.

Have you read any of Gretchen Rubin’s work?

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