Running two fitness apps at once

I discovered towards the end of last year that my phone seems to be able to cope with running two fitness apps at once.

I started using the Map My Fitness app in a regular way from July last year.  Armed with my Android phone I can select what type of workout I am doing (which has mostly been walks, although I have logged a few cycle journeys), and then record the workout.  Plus on occasion, but not for every workout, I have also logged zumba workouts.

I have saved a screen shot of a walking workout.


Map my fitness

Then because I prefer my computer to my phone, I log into the website, and look at the statistics.  I will admit though that until I have sat down and decided to write this post, I haven’t explored the site as well as I could have done.

What has intrigued me most at the moment is going back and comparing month by month how much I have moved.

September I logged more workouts than I did in July for instance.

Then as the year moved on and the wintry temperatures came, walking outside at lunch time became less appealing.

But that is not to say that I would not go out, and also do not go out in cold temperatures.  I did consider exploring outside early in the week last week, when there was a dusting of snow near where I work, but decided against it.  Last week I only logged one lunch time walk.  It was chilly, but I was glad I did it.

Provided I’m dressed appropriately and the weather isn’t too dire, I’m happy to go outside.

This leads me to the other app that I have started using as well which is Noom Walk, a pedometer app.  Now I am not carrying my phone around with me all the time, but it does reflect that it is sometimes challenging to get to 10,000 steps a day.

Noom Walk

I’ve found that my phone can cope with both of them open and running.  I find it interesting to use both of them but for different reasons.  I like Map My Fitness as it logs the distance in kilometres and supposed calories burnt.  I like Noom Walk because it records your steps.  Although I’m not sure how accurate the pedometer actually is.  What I do know is that I will be continuing using both in this year where increasing my fitness level is a priority.

Do you use a fitness app or device?

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