Review-Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor

This review has been on hold for a while.  The main reason for this is that I haven’t been that active.  I have unfortunately not felt motivated to get up early and go for a walk or at the end of the day go to a zumba class or even turn on the Wii and do it at home.

But I am trying to turn it around.

So when I worked half a day a week or so ago, I used the Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor for the first time.  I got the mini Britalian to sort out pairing it with the Map My Fitness app which is what I tend to use to log any workout that I do.

Beets BLU monitor

All looked good as I was heading out for my first cycle of the spring.  My poor bike must be feeling rather neglected by me.

When I looked later on I could see that the workout had recorded my average heart rate on the map.

I must also add that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable when you are wearing it.  It just clips into place, Bluetooth must be turned on and then off you go.

I am looking forward to using this monitor more as I log my upcoming workouts.

Disclaimer: I received a Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor in exchange for a review.  The above is my honest opinion.

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