Review–ReCover concealer

One thing you won’t find me ever admitting to, is putting two layers of foundation on my face on a school morning.  But this is part of a conversation that I overheard back in the first week of term of the new school year last month.  This mother was explaining to the barista about her busy household full of growing boys and the fact that she needed the extra layer (as well as a cup of coffee).

I am someone who usually spends a maximum of 5 minutes on my make-up routine.  I’m a mum on the run madly dashing around the house before heading off to work. 

Getting the opportunity to review this fine concealer came at exactly the right time as I am trying to find a new foundation.  With this product there is no need to apply foundation which takes one step away from getting ready. Therefore giving me a fraction more time for mascara application, some eye make-up and maybe some lip colour.

recover concealer


The concealer comes in 6 shades: very light, light, fair, beige, mid tan and deep tan. It is a welcome addition to my make-up collection.

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for a review.

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