A visit to Coventry

I found the reaction of some people interesting when I said that I was going to Coventry.  A friend asked ‘is it for work.’  But the answer was no.  I went there to find out more about the place where my great grandmother came from.

GuangZhou 014

Although Coventry appears to have a tarnished reputation, at least in the minds of some people, I absolutely loved my time there.

One of the highlights is most definitely the Cathedral.  The old Cathedral was bombed during the Second World War, but it is still a rather interesting space.  Particularly when combined with the new Cathedral.

old cathedral 2

Old Cathedralnew cathedral

The new cathedral is an amazingly large building.  My dad and I spent a really long time making our way around the church soaking up the atmosphere.  We were also fortunate enough to take part in a special mass.

One of my favourite spaces within the new cathedral was the Chapel of Unity.  It is a space shared by all Christian denominations.

Chapel of Unity

The Baptistry Window is rather special too.

baptistry window

The cathedral is located close to the university.  On the day we were visiting it was clearly orientation for new students, some of whom were sitting on the steps nearby.

new cathedral 2

Travellers who walk around finding points of interest then need something hearty for lunch.

jacket potato


We didn’t miss out on seeing Lady Godiva’s statue.

Lady Godiva

There were some familiar shops that were spotted.



And even somewhere to have a coffee.

caffe nero

I do believe that it is best to go to new places with an open mind.  Luckily I chose to ignore the people who were a trifle scathing about heading to Coventry.  I rather liked the thought that I was walking the streets that my great grandmother did (who I never met), but also my grandfather (who I remember quite well.)

Priory Row

Have you ever changed your mind about a place you’ve visited once you have been there?


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