Review – A Place for Us Part 4–Harriet Evans


A new direction for this Sunday Times bestselling author: here is an emotionally charged novel that will wrap you up in a warm embrace as it nods to the golden age of epic women’s fiction but with a vibrancy of its own.

Don’t miss the concluding part of the Winter family story…


My thoughts

Back in July I published a review of part 1 of this serialisation of Harriet Evans’ latest book called A Place for Us.

I was hooked from the first installment and knew that I was going to definitely read all of the parts to this book.

This last part tidies up some of the loose ends of the book and was highly enjoyable.  Most of this part of the book is set in the current period although there is a section that delves back into the past.  I really don’t want to give any more away.

I loved the following description:

She was terrified, in fact, because this was life, falling in love, loving your children, fearing the worst, wanting the best.


I honestly think this is an interesting way to hook readers, by breaking the book up into four parts.  I truly did love this book.

My rating:

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